Parts and Service Go Hand in Hand: Success in Hinton, Alberta

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In December, we were contacted by West Fraser Hinton Pulp about a project to replace five Coru-Dek® vacuum washer trunnions. They had been experiencing many operational and maintenance issues with their washers and asked for GL&V to take charge of their shut down on a turn-key basis to get these washers back to OEM specifications.

The mill had 1 rebuilt trunnion in their inventory and placed significant orders with GL&V for one bell trunnion and three barrel trunnions. The project also involved replacing all the shower bars for these five vacuum washers!

GL&V was asked to do the installation of these 5 trunnions and showers…Let the planning begin:

GL&V customer service and planning teams worked together to develop an installation scope and quotation as well as recommended spare parts quotations to execute the project. From this effort GL&V received orders for every part we recommended plus they hired GL&V to do the field technical and mechanical installation services.

Delivery for all the parts ordered was very tight but, the Trois-Rivieres and Nashua teams came through and everything was on site in time for the start of the shutdown. All the parts were nicely organized and crated/labeled by washer number for easy staging and access by our service team (the mill and our service team very much appreciated this).

The shutdown started on March 6 and was completed on March 19, with start up on March 20. GL&V provided experienced Service Engineers to lead the installation effort with our mechanical services partner, Sherbrooke Technical Services (STS). We are happy to say that all the vacuum washers that GL&V worked on all started up very smoothly and the mill was extremely happy!

We were able to follow up with the Maintenance Engineer from the mill leading this project. He went out of his way to tell us how impressed he was with the GL&V/STS team and the quality of work we performed on site. “You sent a team of qualified and knowledgeable professionals always positive, polite and courteous. It was a pleasure to work with them”

As a result of our good work, Hinton Pulp has given us another opportunity in June. The project is to upgrade the 4A brown stock washer repulper with GL&V requested to supply all parts and installation services. They will also want us back to support upgrading more vacuum washers during the 2017 annual outage, which could very well include rebuilding some of the trunnions we just replaced.

Thanks to the dedication of everyone involved, in making this project a big success!


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